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Our group advocates for improved cross-Solent ferry services that better meet the needs of commuters and travellers accessing work, healthcare, education, leisure, and other activities.

The Wightlink User Group is an independent campaign organisation made up of a diverse coalition of Wightlink ferry users from both the Isle of Wight and the mainland.


  1. FREQUENT FERRY CROSSINGS - We need a regular ferry service that operates year-round and throughout the day and evening in both Yarmouth and on the Ryde Fastcat. This will improve access and convenience for commuters and travellers, and help to support the local economy on both sides of the Solent.
  2. AFFORDABLE FOR ALL - We urge for improved affordability of cross-Solent travel, which includes discounts for residents on individual crossings as well as multi-link passes. This will help to make ferry travel more accessible and affordable for residents who depend on the service for daily commute and travel needs.
  3. NHS SUPPORT - We call for dedicated support for those requiring medical care, including a dedicated phone line and designated car parking areas. This will improve access and convenience for patients and their families, and help to ensure that those in need of medical care can receive the support they require when traveling across the Solent.

Individual voices can be like grains of sand - seemingly insignificant, but together they can create a powerful force.”

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